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Delta-9 Gummies Now Live
Delta-9 Gummies Now Live

Bubba Kush Light Dep

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Bubba Kush, also known as Kush Hemp E1, is an exceptional hemp genetic bred by Sovereign Fields. This variety of Bubba Kush was grown in a light deprivation greenhouse, combining the benefits of indoor climate control and the full spectrum of the sun. The full spectrum and strength of sunlight allows optimization of bud size and cannabinoid production economically. The 'Light Dep' Bubba Kush has dense well-sized buds. The aroma of kush is often described with an earthy, and often reminiscent with undertones of chocolate or coffee beans. The buds have sporadic light purple hues throughout with a dense structure. Indoor Bubba Kush tests high in the terpenes Farnesene (0.87%) and Caryophyllene (0.40%), with its Indica lineage, Bubba Kush is one of the top Indica strains.


CBG: 12.23%

CBL: 0.75%

CBC: 0.75%

Total Cannabinoids: 16.30%

Terpenes: 2.04%




Feel: Comfort, Relief, Calm


Genotype: Bubba Kush (Kush Hemp E1)

Genetics by: Sovereign Fields


Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive 

For Adult Use Only