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Delta-9 Gummies Now Live
Delta-9 Gummies Now Live


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Full spectrum CBG wax; extremely high in rare minor Cannabinoids, THCVa, CBD, CBC, CBN.

CBG has shown potential to be effective for pain relief, focus and energy. With strong anti-inflammatory properties, CBG is often a favorite cannabinoid. High in cannabinoids for a strong entourage effect and only Cannabis Derived Terpenes. (CDTs)

1 gram of CBG Wax. Compatible with the Puffco concentrate vaporizer or quartz nail.

Ethanol extraction

CBG: 68.40%

CBD: 11.38%

THCVa: 2.70%

CBC: 2.35%

CBN: 1.70%

Total Cannabinoids: 86.53%