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Delta-9 Gummies Now Live
Delta-9 Gummies Now Live

Lifter Live Resin Vape Cartridge

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Introducing our Lifter Live Resin Vape Cartridges: based on our popular Live Resin, and extracted from the same material as the flower!
A premium line of vape cartridges that contain pure live resin extract, This Vape Cartridge comes in strong, high in THCa, and Terpenes.  The terpene profile is inherited from the flower, with a sweet lemon/citrus, and undertones of black pepper.

1 gram- Live Resin Vape Cartridge. Filled in an All Ceramic cartridge with no metals to create a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Contains purely Live Resin extract. NO ADDITIVES, NO MCT/VG/PG etc.

Must be used with a high quality battery such as Yocan Uni Pro. The thicker consistency requires adjustable voltage and/or preheating of the cartridge to function properly.

Total CBD: 63.50%

CBG: 0.45%

THCA: 3.29%

Total Cannabinoids: 76.19%

Total Terpenes: 7.78%