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Delta-9 Gummies Now Live

Pacific Cooler Live Sugar

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Pacific Cooler Live Sugar (Sugar Wax)

Pacific Cooler Sugar is a high-quality, high terpene concentrate made from fresh-frozen, live flower material. This strain delivers extremely pungent vapor with a strong, sweet gassy scent, and skunky undertones.

What is Live Sugar?

Sugar, also known as Sugar Wax dabs, is a live-resin concentrate that has small granular crystal cannabinoid formations. It’s an easy to scoop consistency that burns clean and delivers strong effects.

Made using a hydrocarbon extraction process, Sugar has a wide range of colors from white and yellow, to amber and orange colors. It’s perfect for dabbing in your rig or electric vaporizer. The best temperature for dabbing would be 315-450°F, which will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Bowl topping is also a popular option - increase the potency and effect of your flower filled bowl by putting some sugar on the top. 


Pacific Cooler Live Sugar is a must-have for any concentrate connoisseur.

1 gram of Pacific Cooler Sugar. Compatible with the Puffco concentrate vaporizer. 


Pacific Cooler Sugar Cannabinoids

  • Total CBD: 76.14% 
  • THCa: 0.43%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 87.66% 


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