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Scottie 2 Hottie

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What is Scottie 2 Hottie Strain?

Dive into the explosive world of Scottie 2 Hottie, a strain that's as audacious and dynamic as its name suggests. Are you ready for an aromatic journey that's like a nuclear explosion of Florida oranges, combined with the gritty sweetness of melted gushers and sugar cane? Scottie 2 Hottie offers just that – an olfactory adventure that's both intense and irresistibly unique.

This strain's flavors are a masterful blend of citrus fruits, jet fuel, and exotic dirt from the Caribbean, providing a taste experience that's as complex as it is satisfying. With Scottie 2 Hottie, every puff is a journey through a diverse landscape of tantalizing tastes.


This flower contains seeds and is discounted accordingly*


    Scottie 2 Hottie Type II Strain Cannabinoids

    • CBD: 11.67%
    • THCA: 8.16%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 22.90%
    • Terpenes: 2.17%

      Scottie 2 Hottie Strain Terpene Profile

      • Myrcene (0.58%)
      • Caryophyllene (0.57%)
      • Limonene (0.27%)

      Scottie 2 Hottie CBD THCA Strain Effects

      Immerse yourself in the balanced and dynamic experience offered by Scottie 2 Hottie, a strain where CBD and THCA harmoniously intertwine. This unique combination brings forth an experience that is both calming and subtly invigorating. The CBD in Scottie 2 Hottie delivers a soothing, tranquil effect, ideal for unwinding and relieving stress without overwhelming sedation. On the other hand, the THCA component provides a gentle cerebral uplift, enhancing mood and creativity, making it perfect for those moments when you seek mental clarity coupled with physical ease. This balance makes Scottie 2 Hottie an excellent choice for users seeking a harmonized blend of relaxation and alertness, making it suitable for various activities throughout the day.

      Genotype:  Scottie 2 Hottie (Orange Sunrise x Gushers Biscotti)

      Phenotype: Scottie 2 Hottie

      Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC

      For Adult Use Only

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