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Delta-9 Gummies Now Live

White Truffle

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What is White Truffle Strain?

Embark on a journey of unparalleled cannabis excellence with White Truffle, a unique creation expertly bred by Beleaf. This single, Type I strain is not only potent in its effects but visually stunning with its pure purple buds, reminiscent of a truffle's rare and prized nature.

White Truffle sets itself apart with an impressive cannabinoid profile, highlighted by a high THCA level of 24.10%. Its total cannabinoid content reaches 24.79%, with a careful balance of D9-THC at 0.22%. This composition ensures compliance while delivering a robust and memorable experience.

    White Truffle Strain Cannabinoids

    • THCA: 22.24%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 24.50%
    • Terpenes: 1.48%

    The allure of White Truffle goes beyond its strength; its striking pure purple buds are a visual feast, hinting at the depth of experience awaiting the user. This strain is a favorite among those who appreciate both the aesthetic and potency in their cannabis selection.

      White Truffle THCA Strain Effects

      White Truffle offers an experience as rich and complex as its appearance. With its high THCA levels, it's perfect for those seeking a potent effect. Ideal for moments of deep contemplation, creative endeavors, or luxurious relaxation, White Truffle provides an intensity matched by few.

      Genotype:  White Truffle

      Phenotype: White Truffle

      Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive 

      For Adult Use Only

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